Pandemic EBT Meal Program

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Program

Big Bay de Noc School participates in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) for our food service. This status, combined with the Pandemic-EBT program means that all Big Bay de Noc Students grades K-12 should receive the P-EBT benefit.

For students whose families do not currently have a SNAP/Bridge card, one will be mailed as soon as this week with the first allotment for each eligible child loaded on it and with instructions on how to call and add a pin to the card. The new cards will not include the bridge picture and will be rather plain in appearance. They will likely be mailed to the oldest child in the household and will be preloaded with $193.80 per eligible child.

For students whose families already partake in the SNAP/Bridge Card program, the first additional P-EBT money allotment was loaded Friday onto your existing cards.