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Elementary Links

Math - XtraMath     Math Lines    Math Games     Math Baseball     Kid's Numbers     Multiplication

Count us in     CyberChase     Math Magician     Math Skills-Division

Language - ABCya     Word Find     Alphabet Games     Lead 21     PBS Kids     Word Central     Starfall    AbdoDigital

Science - Just for Kids     North American Insects     Animal Games

Social Studies - Info on Michigan     Fun Facts about Michigan     Black History Month

Pre-K - Funschool Kaboose     Learning Planet PreK-K

Just for Fun - The North Pole     Primary Games

Computer Literacy - Text Typing     K-6 Computer Skills

Library - Michigan e-library     Free eBooks-Project Gutenberg


Holocaust Links

Junior High and High School

  1. Youth and Children Net - Has links for kids; teens; and parents and teens
  2. Miami Museum of Science- The Atoms Family- Good Junior High Science Site, has links that deal with energy, atoms and matter, properties of light and more.
  3. Surfing the Net with Kids: Women’s Suffrage, A History of American Suffragist Movement, National Museum of Women's History, etc. This site is Upper Elementary, Junior High and High School level.
  4. Anne Frank House - Has a virtual tour of her house, tells about her and her diary. Once in this site click on the arrow by English.
  5. Abraham Lincoln-All sorts of links that relate to Abraham Lincoln.
  6. Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology and Research
  7. American Studies - Museums, culture maps, the capital, etc.
  8. Amusement Park Physics
  9. Bartleby Library - Great books online
  10. Camelot Legend
  11. Camelot Village
  12. Greenpeace USA
  13. History of the World - has links that deal with Europe, Asia, America, Africa, etc.
  14. National Parks and Conservation Association
  15. Nature Conservancy Wired for Conservation
  16. Stone Pages
  17. NOVA Doomsday Asteroid 
  18. Virtual Royalty - Royal Palace News, British History, Princess Diana Tribute, etc
  19. Michigan History, Arts and Libraries - Michigan Electronic Libraries, 


  1. Awesome Library for Teachers-This site contains almost all the teacher subject areas.
  2. EDSITEMENT - Has some good humanities web sites linked to it.  Also has teacher lesson plans.
  3. From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
  4. Exploring the Environment - has modules and activities and teacher pages.
  5. Global Schoolhouse - has projects, a teacher and parent link, etc.
  6. Science Made Simple - Science for Kids.



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