Fall Fundraiser

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Big Bay de Noc Elementary School Fall Fundraiser
Please sell a minimum of 10 items and we will hit our goal?

Dear Parent or Guardian,
With your help on this fundraiser we can continue to provide your students with those extra
activities which add to a positive learning experience.
We are asking every family to participate. Please sell at 10 items so we will hit our goal. We are counting on these funds for the benefit of each and every child. This funding does not come from other sources so your participation is critical. Thank you for help & support.

Take orders starting immediately and return by Tuesday, October 3, 2017
How to Participate:
Sell or purchase 10 or more items.
Complete order form & collect money as you sell.
Register at
Instand winnter, prize calculator, email templates & games.

What you Get:
Participants can win lots of prizes from the prize envelope and online! Check and enter to win 100's of awesome prizes! $25,000 in giveaways from Amazon, Apple, HDtv, Nintendo, Beats.
Amazon Echo Dot or $50 Cash
Lightning Go Kart or $100 Cash
50" 4K HDTV or $200 Cash

Questions? Contact Laura Jackson at or Christa Peterson at