--- Lunch Menu ---

Lunch Prices for 2017-18
     ELEMENTARY (K-5 Students)   $2.25 per lunch  /   $11.25 per week
     SECONDARY  (6-12 Students)  $2.75 per lunch /    $13.75 per week

January Breakfast/Lunch Menu  - Text version

Fruit and milk is served daily
January 2 breakfast, Cereal & yogurt; lunch, Tacos, corn & refried beans
January 3 breakfast, Breakfast pizza; lunch, grilled cheese & tomato soup
January 4 breakfast, English muffin; lunch, meatballs & mashed potatoes
January 5 breakfast, Donut & yogurt; lunch, pizza bread & green beans
January 8 breakfast, cereal & yogurt; lunch, mini corn dogs & tator tots
January 9 breaksfast, scrambled eggs & toast; lunch, nachos, corn & refried beans
January 10 breakfast, Breakfast pizza; lunch, pasta meal & garlic bread
January 11 breakfast, bagel; lunch, chicken tenders & mashed potatoes
January 12 breakfast, breakfast bar & yogurt; lunch, pizza pocket & green beans
January 15 breakfast, cereal & yogurt; lunch, chicken patty, bun, sweet potato fries
January 16 breakfast, scrambled eggs & toast; lunch, tacos, corn & refried beans
January 17 breakfast, breakfast pizza; lunch, fish nuggets & mac & cheese
January 18 breakfast, english muffin; lunch, hamburger gravey & mashed potatoes
January 19 breakfast, Donut & yogurt; lunch, calzone & green beans
January 22 breakfast, cereal & yogurt ; lunch, hot dog & potato smiles
January 23 breakfast, scrambled egss & toast; lunch, nachoes, corn & refried beans
January 24 breakfast, breakfasta pizza; lunch, pancakes, sausage & hashbrowns
January 25 breakfast, bagels; lunch, chicken breast & mashed potatoes
January 26 breakfast, donut & yogurt; lunch, pepperoni stick & green beans
January 29 breakfast, cereal & yogurt; lunch, chicken fries & waffle fries
January 30 breakfast, scrambled eggs & toast; lunch, tacos & corn
January 31 breakfast, breakfasta pizza; lunch, PG&J and snack mix

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act has been in effect at Big Bay de Noc School.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains and fat-free, low-fat milk options along with limitations on fat calories have all been implemented into the lunch program to make the meals more nutritious.

Students in grades 6-12 will have the choice of the main meal entree or one other choice daily, including a fruit and vegetable salad bar.  There are specific requirements to be met daily.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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